Cornerstone of Faith


The Cornerstone of Faith: Foundation for the Future campaign will ensure that the legacy of St. John’s can be passed on to those who follow us, allowing them to focus on the good work all are called to do, and to share the love of Christ in our community.

For over 125 years, our church has stood on the corner of Jefferson and Elm, at the heart of Roanoke – not just a beautiful space of worship, anchoring this historic and storied downtown, but a community of faithful people anchoring the work of God in this community. Our church, from the beginning, has been a sanctuary to Roanokers through struggles both national and personal, a place of peace and restoration and mission.

St. John’s has always prioritized service through mission, ministry and outreach. Because these callings are immediate and at the core of what we believe and are inspired to do, care of our historic buildings has not always been our first priority. Our resources have not allowed our buildings and the various additions to consistently receive the repair and renovation necessary to sustain the active level of our ministries. The congregation deserves praise for keeping the spiritual needs of the community ahead of the material needs of the facility, but just as in our own homes, deferring important upkeep and maintenance projects will eventually lead to larger, more expensive challenges. These challenges have outstripped our current resources and will only continue to grow in the years ahead.

Our Vestry has approved a capital campaign both to address immediate property needs and to create a legacy fund that will be used toward future property maintenance. This campaign will make certain that over the next 125 years and more, St. John’s can continue to do the work of Christ in the world.

Securing Our Church Campus for Generations to Come

Every year, more churches close their doors because of the financial conflict of choosing between facility maintenance and ministry. Choosing maintenance over mission can mean the difference between surviving and not, but when a church’s ministry is crippled, it affects the congregation as well as the community. The result is a sort of death of spirit. At St. John’s, our work is particularly connected with the very facilities we must maintain.

After careful analysis, our Vestry feels strongly that the best way to address our facility’s needs is to create an unending revenue stream so that future generations do not have to face the possibly catastrophic choice between maintenance and ministry. With the future that this campaign ensures, we will be free to live out the Gospel, spearheading, supporting and growing the ministries that sustain children, parents and families in this church, in this community and across the world.