Three Cheers for the People of St. John’s


The Reverend Thomas P. O’Dell
St. John’s Rector, 1992-2000

Twenty-five years ago you embarked on a major expansion and renovation of your parish facilities. Through your vision and generosity, you positioned your parish for growth in mission and ministry for generations.

A decade later — during a challenging period in which you were served by an Interim Rector — you found the courage to fully renovate and update your worship space. You were putting first things first, since all we do as Christians flows out of our worship of God in Christ.

Now, in an admirable and humble expression of your commitment to Christian mission, you are taking steps to ensure that your legacy continues to live and grow in new ways.

What you’ll find as you help to lay a Cornerstone of Faith is what Christians always find when they dream vigorously and give generously. You will grow spiritually and your parish will continue to be a beacon of Christian love and service for generations to come.