Addressing First Things First

2019 StJohn-57

Immediate Property Needs in the next year – $1,000,000

The Property Committee has identified current property needs totaling $1,000,000 – needs which may seem mundane but are critical to preserving our physical plant and the ministries that take place there, and for which we do not have sufficient funds. Current needs are continually assessed and prioritized by the Property Committee and at this time include:

  • Replace the rooftop HVAC system on the parish hall.
  • Repair the roof over the administration offices.
  • Replace the gutter around the bell tower.
  • Repair the historic slate roof over the nave.
  • Clean and re-lead our exceptional stained-glass windows.
  • Install security lighting and cameras for safety.
  • Upgrade the kitchen and bath of the Light House with new appliances.
  • Stabilize the cornerstone beneath the rector’s office/window.

As the Vestry and Property Committee address these needs, special attention will be given to the ecological and environmental sustainability of proposed projects. Better lighting efficiency and HVAC energy conservation, for example, will not only decrease our annual energy expenses but also help us serve as better environmental stewards.