An Important Reality


It is important to note that there are currently no expense items in the St. John’s annual operating budget for the immediate capital needs, the Property Reserve Account, or the Endowment Property Account. Our annual operating budget does include provision for routine repairs and maintenance but not for capital needs. It is our hope and intention that parishioners understand the importance of supporting the Cornerstone of Faith campaign in addition to making an annual stewardship pledge to fund the operating budget.

St. John’s depends on our financial contributions to engage in its work and ministry. Pledging – whether to support our operating budget or this particular capital campaign – is an important spiritual exercise. It allows us to reflect on the gifts God has given us and to show thanks for those gifts by giving a portion back to the work to which God calls us.

For the parish, there is another very practical reason. Making a pledge enables our Vestry and Finance Committee to plan how to use resources. The Vestry establishes our annual operating budget based on the total amount pledged during the stewardship campaign. While regular non-pledged giving is important, a pledge allows the Vestry to plan more accurately and better enables our ministries to thrive and grow.

During the Cornerstone of Faith: Foundation for the Future campaign, everyone will be invited to make a capital campaign pledge – over and above your annual commitment. The amount is entirely up to you. Some people will give from assets such as savings, IRA’s, appreciated stock, or real property. Others may be giving entirely from income. However, no matter the gift level, every pledge of every size is important!